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Energy and sustainability policy of the IREKS Group

The protection of our environment and the responsible use of resources are understood by us as a challenge and a duty at one and the same time in regard to the present and future generations. Our aim is therefore an efficient and sustainable use of all resources, especially of energy, water and raw materials. This does not only apply to the IREKS Group, but also to all the preceding and following stages of the value creation chains.

Energy management of the IREKS Group

Energy efficiency requires a targeted recording and analysing of the energetic situation as well as the introduction of all appropriate measures for its optimisation. An energy management system in line with this is the basis for an efficient use of energy and a continuous process of improvement.

Energy management covers all the divisions within our company, beginning with the purchasing of energy-efficient goods and services and leading to production, warehousing and distribution.

We regularly check and assess our energy targets documented within the review and adjust our actions correspondingly. We guarantee that the information necessary for this, as well as the structural, technical and financial prerequisites, is ensured.

We fulfil all the relevant legal obligations and any further demands in regard to environmental protection, resource efficiency and energy efficiency.

Energy management of the IREKS Group is influenced by numerous factors such as policy, new technology or the availability of resources and is therefore always developing further.

Resource efficiency needs every employee

The use of economical, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly production procedures is as just a matter of course for us as is the responsible handling of energy and raw materials in all other areas of the company. We avoid waste and make sure that any unavoidable waste is processed or disposed of in a way which is environmentally responsible.

Energy management thrives on the active involvement and the critical viewpoints of all the employees. We heighten their awareness for dealing with resources in a careful and responsible manner. Possibilities to save energy exist at every place where work is done, not only in production, but also in administration and distribution.

Resource efficiency can only be improved by continuous and constant further development. Everyone, no matter his workplace, can make a contribution.

Use of sustainably grown raw materials

As far as possible, sustainable economic activity already begins for the IREKS Group with the purchasing of sustainably produced raw materials. By means of the active sales of products made using these, we contribute towards supporting the cultivation of these raw materials.

Sustainable economic activity worth displaying

We represent an open dialogue and therefore welcome every opportunity to show - especially to our customers - who we are and what defines our actions.


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