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Finally apprentice!

“Hello working world, hello IREKS“ was the motto for 24 apprentices on 2nd September 2019. In the interview with Anna-Lena Pausch, third-year apprentice to become a saleswoman for marketing communication, three of the new apprentices speak about the first weeks of their working life.


Anna-Lena: How was your first day at work? What did you experience? Tell me.
Apprentices: We and our parents were given a warm welcome by Managing Director Stefan Soiné. In his welcome speech, he spoke about the long company tradition and the values of IREKS. Subsequently, we had a guided tour of the company premises, during which we had the opportunity to gain insight into the baking ingredients production, the malthouse and the logistics centre. There was really a lot to see. We had a brief round of introductions to get to know the trainers and the other apprentices. Then we were accompanied by our trainers to our workplaces and started right away.

Anna-Lena: How did you feel about it? Were you nervous?
Marcel: Starting the vocational training means starting a new stage of life and, of course, you are nervous, but, on the other side, you are also curious to see what’s up next and how working life will be like.
Hannah: I was excited and nervous, because I didn’t know what exactly was to be expected. Therefore, we appreciated that our parents had been invited, too.
Kevin: On the one hand, I was a little bit nervous, on the other hand, I was happy on finally being able to start.

Anna-Lena: What did you tell your parents in the evening after your first day?
Hannah: When I came home I was totally exhausted (laughing) I've gained so many new impressions. Our parents were able to spend part of the day together with us. When they left, I was guided through my department and introduced to everyone. After that, we started right away which I thought was really cool.
Marcel: I told them about my future tasks.

Anna-Lena: What happened then? What did you experience in the first weeks at IREKS?
Apprentices: In the very first week, the traditional apprentices’ barbecue took place. After work, the apprentices of the first and second year of apprenticeship met together with our trainers Jasmin Strobel and Nina Warwel on the company premises for barbecuing. It was nice to learn more about the other apprentices and to exchange ideas with our apprentices’ mentors. They already gave us some insights into the upcoming training period. Managing Director Stefan Soiné and Head of personnel department Uwe Schneider also came by and took the time to get to know us.
In addition, there was an apprentices’ general meeting, organised by the youth and apprentice representation (German: Jugend- und Auszubildendenvertretung (JAV)). The JAV reported on their tasks and the excursions which took place in recent years. Soon, for example, there will be a joint bowling evening with apprentices from all apprenticeship years. This will certainly be great, too!

Anna-Lena: Are there any wishes and expectations for your apprenticeship time?
Azubis: We hope that we will continue to like it so much, that we will experience a lot, that we will get to know the company better and that we will gradually be able to work more and more independently.

Anna-Lena: That sounds good! Many thanks for the interview.