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English> NEWS> IREKS hosts energy efficiency network “Franken vernetzt sich II” (Networking Franconia II)

IREKS hosts energy efficiency network
“Franken vernetzt sich II” (Networking Franconia II)

Conserving energy and an efficient energy consumption are vital elements of our Energy and Sustainability Policy. As a member of the energy efficiency network “Franken vernetzt sich II” and in compliance with hygiene and social distancing rules, we were able to welcome representatives of 15 partner companies as well as the District Administrator Klaus Peter Söllner and the climate protection manager of the Kulmbach administrative district Ingrid Flieger to the IREKS GmbH on 20 October 2020.

Following the opening of the event by Managing Director Dr. Mathias Warwel, the energy management representatives of IREKS had the chance to present our company, our energy management as well as the measures already taken and future plans to the participants in more detail. By means of the implementation of more than 120 measures, IREKS was able to outperform their own 10-year target for 2020 already in 2019 and in this way save 4,570 t of CO2 per year. The energy management team wants to further increase the energy efficiency also in future. Even though it is becoming more and more difficult to identify potential for savings, the efficiency target by 2025 is to be continued with an unaltered improvement efficiency rate, which means 15 % in 15 years! In doing so, the network’s participants were given insight into concrete measures and technical details. The insight into our company was rounded off by a company tour with particular attention to the malt production, the compressed air station and the combined heat and power plant.

The highlight of the meeting was signing the common target agreement, in which concrete measures for the further reduction of the energy and CO2 consumption for the companies were determined. District Administrator Klaus Peter Söllner showed himself impressed by the companies’ commitment and presented the certificates for the target agreement.

A workshop on the impulse topic of “carbon neutrality in the company“ addressed the options available for businesses beside economising end efficiency measures in order to further reduce CO2 emission and implement carbon neutrality. The following presentation of results and practical examples as well as a panel discussion completed the programme.



The energy efficiency networks are part of an initiative of the federal government and the German trading associations. The energy efficiency network “Franken vernetzt sich II” is organized by E.ON Energie Deutschland in cooperation with the Forschungsstelle für Energiewirtschaft e. V. In connection with the network, regional companies join forces cross-industrially and for three years minimum to reduce greenhouse gas emissions sustainably together and exchange views towards corresponding measures. In doing so, concrete measures for increasing energy efficiency and thus reducing energy consumption and cost of energy are worked out.