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Naked Cake – A cake bares all

This trend simply cannot be ignored at the moment: Naked cakes show the unimagined potential of gateaux, which, on first appearances, seem to be slightly imperfect.

It is for good reason that the new gateau idea has therefore turned into a real "must-have" on the cake buffet of many weddings. Whoever wants to be trendy does without ornate, heavy gateaux and surprises his guests with a light and airy naked cake. But it is not only among wedding cakes that the naked cake has already made a name for itself, for, as a result of diverse and creative recipe ideas, nobody wants to be without it at birthday parties, summer get-togethers or family celebrations.

"Perfectly imperfect"

In contrast to classic gateaux, no opulent cream, marzipan or fondant coatings are used in the production of naked cakes. Completely without its garb, the naked cake reveals its true self to us in this way. Visually, the gateaux live from the interplay of light and airy bases and delicious fillings. According to the motto "perfectly imperfect", it is no problem for the filling to be allowed to peek out from between the individual layers of the gateau.

Infinite creativity

No matter whether a dark-coloured base with a delicious chocolate cream and juicy cherries or a light-coloured base with a tender vanilla filling and a decoration of fresh flowers or a rich cream between brightly coloured cake layers à la rainbow cake – there is no limit to one's creativity in connection with naked cakes! But although the name "naked cake" aims to reduce the cakes to the essentials and to having them bare all, the importance of the decoration of these gateaux should not be underestimated in any way at all. What counts here is natural elegance: brightly coloured flowers and fresh fruit can be both a visual and a taste highlight. Usually, they are simply placed as they are on top of or beside the gateaux and, in this way, accentuate the naturalness.

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