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Our region – your new home?

Our company is at home in Upper Franconia. We are firmly rooted here. That's why we not only want to introduce you to IREKS, but also share our enthusiasm for Kulmbach and the region with you. And who knows, maybe our home will soon be yours too?


Experience of nature

Situated between the Franconian Forest, the Fichtel Mountains, the Franconian Switzerland and the Upper Main Valley, the district of Kulmbach invites you to take part in numerous leisure activities at any time of year – for action lovers and those seeking peace and quiet alike! From well-developed cycling and hiking trails, bathing lakes, skiing slopes and cross-country skiing trails to impressive excursion destinations, there is plenty on offer.



Cultural treasures

Those who are interested in culture will be delighted with open-air stages, small theatres and plenty of museums. With the Bayreuth Festival, the Bamberg and Hof Symphony Orchestras, the Coburg Samba Festival, the Plassenburg Open Airs or the music festival in Kronach “Die Festung rockt”, Upper Franconia is also good to hear!


Family paradise

For families, the region offers a close-knit network of childcare facilities and numerous educational institutions. Relatively low rents and building land prices as well as low living expenses allow taking advantage of the many leisure activities. A special feature of the region are the numerous associations and clubs, which offer a good opportunity to make new contacts and get to know the local culture better.


Region of enjoyment

Upper Franconian people are real gourmets. How could it be otherwise, given the culinary diversity? With around 200 businesses, Upper Franconia has the highest density of breweries in the world! And there are also plenty of bakeries (one for every 2,000 inhabitants) and butcher shops (one for every 1,500 inhabitants). An important part of Franconian culture are also the many pubs and beer gardens. Here, specialities are combined with Upper Franconian cosiness and beer culture in a special way.


Franconian folksiness

It is the people who make this region something very special: authentic, attached to their roots and straightforward. Simply genuine. A little unhurried, but above all warm and very sociable. Whether in a pub, for a snack or at one of the many traditional country fairs (Upper Franconian: “Kerwa”) – there are plenty of occasions for a cheerful get-together.


We think Upper Franconia is a great place to live and work, and we are not alone with our opinion! This is also shown by a film project of the “Demografie-Kompetenzzentrum Oberfranken”:

What are you waiting for? Get to know us and our home better!