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Online Seminar: IREKS eCampus [LIVE]
“Spelt – a closer look at trend grain”

What grain has a tradition dating back some 8,000 years, has been experiencing a renaissance for some time now, is a popular alternative to wheat and is considered very digestible? Spelt! In our two-part webinar “Spelt – a closer look at trend grain”, you will not only learn how the ancient grain is cultivated, what to look out for during processing and how to ensure a consistent quality of spelt baked goods, but you will also receive practical tips from our experts on how to master baking challenges with spelt.

Accompany the grain from the field to the oven and bring a combination of tradition and modern spirit into your bakery with high-quality, nutty-aromatic spelt baked goods!


  • Raw material science: spelt
  • Differences and distinction between wheat and spelt
  • Cultivation and processing of spelt
  • Spelt baked goods in optimum quality
  • Baking tips
  • Live baked goods presentation

Experience live...

Mathias Weigel    
IREKS Baking Acadamy

Master Baker | Bread Sommelier

Dr. Thomas Kunte

Graduate Chemist


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Dates English: 
29 July 2021 – 3 pm CET (Part 2)

Duration:     30 minutes (followed by a question and answer session)

Participation fee: free of charge



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Frank Weiskopf