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Sourdoughs: the “plus” in quality and taste

Sourdoughs have always played a decisive role in bread production. Consumers place their trust in baked goods with sourdoughs due to their high quality and the special taste.

In the course of decades, IREKS has accumulated a high level of expertise in connection with sourdoughs.

IREKS sourdoughs are produced in our sourdough plant following the rules of the classic three-stage method. The use of controlled strains of bacteria, as well as a rigorous monitoring of the sourdough production, prevent unwanted foreign fermentations or misfermentations and result in sourdoughs of a high quality.

Dried sourdoughs guarantee the certainty required in the production of bread and morning goods and the typical character of classic sourdough bread. They give each product the decisive “plus” in quality:

  • Optimum dough processing
  • Improved slicing qualities
  • Good freshkeeping
  • Golden-brown crust
  • Excellent, aromatic taste

As pure sourdoughs, for example, we offer IREKS-WHEAT SOUR, based on wheat flour, and IREKS-VOLLSAUER, based on rye flour.

Apart from this, our own sourdoughs play an important role as quality and taste components in many of our baking ingredients.

Are you interested in our sourdoughs? Then please get in touch. Together with our experts, we will find the optimum product for you.