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Time for sweet delicacies

The range of classic confectionery baked goods, which the bakeries expertly make in different countries, is infinitely large and diverse. You can also see exactly this variety in the range of confectionery baked goods products from IREKS.

Every day provides occasions for sweet delicacies from the bakery: as a reward for work done, as a small consolation or as a thank-you to a friend, or simply because one feels like eating something delicious with a tempting aroma from the bakery.

Here the consumers want to have small units, a luxurious appearance and a variety in taste and shape. The price often only plays a subordinate role.

To be able to make the sweet variety in a professional way, there are, for example, confectionery baked goods products from IREKS for

  • first-class croissants and brioches,
  • constantly new pound cake and plain cake variations as well as muffins,
  • versatile short pastry baked goods,
  • fine yeast doughs,
  • light-textured Berliners, doughnuts and other deep-fried baked goods,
  • light and airy sponge baked goods,
  • delicious fillings: e.g. poppy, nut or fruit fillings,
  • high quality baking and filling creams or
  • trendy baked goods such as macarons or florentine variations.

Benefit again and again from the new ideas for your confectionery baked goods range as well!

Interested? Then please get in touch. Together with our experts, we will find optimum products and recipe ideas for you.