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Organic: a growing market with
added value

Organic products are in more frequent demand and are therefore on offer in many retail outlets, also in bakeries. They are perceived as being of high quality and full of enjoyment, and provide the good feeling of doing something for oneself and for the environment, and, due to special control measures, they also fulfil an increased need for safety.

The term organic is protected and may only be used when the products are in accordance with the requirements of the EC Regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008. This means that the ingredients of agricultural origin have to come from organic cultivation. It is only in specially regulated exceptions that this does not have to be adhered to. As a sign of successful certification, a document is issued which is valid for one year.

For many years, IREKS has had a specific product range with the following organic products:

  • organic improvers
  • organic mixes
  • organic sourdough
  • organic malt products

This trend provides bakeries with a great number of opportunities: over and above higher returns which can be made with organic products, new clientele can be won, customer trust and customer loyalty can be strengthened and they can set themselves apart from the competition as a result of these special products.

Would you also like to offer organic products? Then contact us and we will put together an appropriate range of products for you.

BCS Organic Certificate