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Baking in kosher quality

Kosher products are mainly used for religious reasons, but also the special control measures are a motive for purchasing. For the manufacture of kosher baked goods, IREKS products with a kosher certificate are a good choice.

Kosher describes dishes which correspond to the Jewish dietary laws. Kosher foodstuffs are divided into dairy, meat and parve (neutral). Dairy and meat meals are taken separately at different times. Products which are parve can be eaten with every meal.

IREKS offers various products in kosher quality. For this, our production process and the raw materials used in production are strictly controlled at regular intervals. To document this, we are given a certificate issued by a rabbi for each kosher product. It confirms that the product is kosher & parve.

Our range of products covers malt extracts as well as improvers and mixes for the production of various baked goods.

Would you like to manufacture kosher baked goods? Please contact us, together we will find the ideal product for you.