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Wellness & Lifestyle:
baked goods for that individual approach to life

Bread and baked goods are more and more becoming foodstuffs full of enjoyment in which the consumers are placing increasingly higher and more complex expectations. Here there are many chances for bakeries to position themselves as being aware of trends and as suppliers of attractive baked goods.

The purchasing preferences regarding food are nowadays more sophisticated then ever before.

Food should

  • fulfil basic needs – i.e. satisfy hunger,
  • taste good,
  • be healthy,
  • be prepared with little time involvement or even be ready-to-eat,
  • define the individual lifestyle.

IREKS is constantly analyzing the current trends of our sector and is developing suitable product concepts correspondingly. Two main points of focus are formed by the areas of Wellfood and Snacks. But we can also provide you with appropriate answers for the compilation of your product range in regard to all other trends.

Have we awakened your interest? Then simply contact us. Together with our experts, we will find the optimum solutions for you.