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Bakery products with a “feel-good factor”

The desire for complete well-being does not only bring movement into the “Wellness market”, but also into the food market. This provides new opportunities for bread and morning goods worldwide.

Food and drink – for many people this is no longer only a pure intake of nutrition, but a type of health care. The percentage of consumers who are paying a lot of attention to a healthy diet is growing from year to year.

Wellfood covers many trends on “healthy nutrition”. In the baked goods sector, these are mainly

  • functional / enriched products,
  • low sugar or low fat products or
  • wholemeal products.

At IREKS, you can find attractive product concepts for each area of “Wellfood”.

Thus, we offer under the brand name NUTRI PAN, for example, mixes for the production of functional food products.

Functional food products are foodstuffs which, in addition to their nutritional-physiological function and their taste and enjoyment characteristics, contain especially bio-active components or nutritive substances in order to influence certain body functions in a positive manner. For this reason, they do not only serve as foods, but have an extra purpose which is conducive to health.

Are you interested in our Wellfood products? Then please get in touch. Together with our experts, we will find the optimum product for you.