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IREKS and Trends: Craft

When a traditional craft is combined with creativity and individuality and when new and innovative products emerge as a result, then we are speaking of a development which, until now, was noticed particularly among the breweries, but which also offers great potential for the craft baking sector.

Already initiated in the 1970s in America, the craft scene has spread all over the world in recent years. The sales market for craft beer is growing and the shelves in the stores for alcohol and beverages are being filled with more and more special types. New, small breweries are emerging which are discovering this market and also large, well-known beer manufacturers have already jumped on the bandwagon of Pale Ale, Porter and Barley Wine. But what makes the craft market so interesting?

Here, we are not concerned with mass-produced goods, but with individuality. A new diversity of taste and interesting compositions of unusual ingredients, coupled with a traditional and artisan skill in production, form the craft character. Playful names such as "Flower Power" or "Citrilla" underline the modern, fresh image of the breweries and do not only appeal to the young target group. In the meantime, the concept stretches so far that there are even craft beer festivals, craft beer bars and craft beer restaurants in existence. This is a development which could also find its way into the bakery sector.

For beer and bread are not so far apart from one another. The creative and individual use of raw materials in bread and morning goods provides potential to our bakers which cannot yet be predicted. The passion for one's own craft and the baked goods made with a lot of love and affection open up the doors of the bakeries to the consumer of today. He would increasingly like to know in greater detail where his foods come from, what they have been produced with and, ultimately, who has produced them. He is longing for something with connections, something traditional. This yearning could not be better satisfied than with the current craft trend.