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Have you had thoughts at some time on what you could do to make the world a bit better? Six dedicated trainees at IREKS GmbH have risen to this challenge. The result: A fan with lots of tips with which everyone can improve the world a little in his everyday life.

In the following, the young junior members of staff report, among other things, on how the idea came about, the contents and what the project means to them personally.

“We, the trainees at IREKS GmbH, thought about how we can protect the environment better and live at one with it. Not so simple at all! But with a lot of effort and motivation, we took our project further and further until we finally had a result which made us all proud:

We designed fans which were made up of the four categories of health, energy, social affairs and the environment. Each category has several sections from a typical working day of a trainee allocated to it in which characteristic behaviour is described first of all. Subsequently, useful knowledge and tips are given on how to arrange the working day in terms of our project #WELTVERBESSERER: Beginning with getting up and cleaning one's teeth, reaching one's place of work (stairs or lift?) and ending with a healthy evening meal and relaxing on the couch.

Finally, we came to the conclusion: If every individual makes his contribution and we can create a world together in this way which is influenced by appreciation and sustainability, then everyone can become a #WELTVERBESSERER.”

The trainee team of the project "#WELTVERBESSERER"