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Thinking ahead. Embracing the future.

We view sustainability from the perspectives of ecology, economy and social commitment. Additionally, we see the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a guide for our Company Group. From these starting points, we have determined the most important fields of action for IREKS.

Environmental protection

In the area of ecology, we rely on our well-developed energy management and new goals that we regularly set together with partners. We apply our technical know-how to further develop our productions in a sustainable manner.

Responsibility since 1856

Since our founding, we have consciously invested in a sustainable future for our Company Group. We feel connected to the regions where we have sites and to the people who live there, and we strengthen them by means of our diverse local commitment.

Best basis

Nature is our most important supplier. We carefully select our raw materials according to origin and quality. As a food producer, we take our responsibility seriously and prioritise the safety of our products with support from our IREKS IQ Centres worldwide.

Stronger together

As a major employer and company providing professional training in the region, internal partnership is just as important to us as is external partnership. Our employees are the guarantor for the future of our company family. That is why we invest in their training, further development as well as in a variety of offers in the health and community sector.

Living and passing on sustainability

We live sustainability not only in our everyday life and in our own projects. We share our knowledge and experience with our colleagues, customers and business partners and – in this way – want to exert positive influence on the industry.



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