Calendar 2023

IREKS Calendar 2023: A world full of possibilities

Thousands of small blisters, vitally risen, wooly, aromatic and full of live...

...may we introduce? This is our Lievito Madre – an Italian-style wheat sourdough!

Lievito Madre stands for Italian baking culture and is traditionally used for the production of bread, morning goods, pizza but also confectionery yeast dough baked goods. We produce our Lievito Madre from wheat flour and water alone. With lots of passion, specially trained experts, the so-called lievitisti take care of the correct stage of the sourdough and a pleasant atmosphere. And that is vital: as only in this way the yeasts and lactic acid bacteria develop in an optimum ratio. Also, our Lievito Madre needs a lot of time, so that it can unfold its full potential. When it is ready, we put it into a kind of “hibernation” by means of a particularly gentle drying, so that it later provides your baked goods with that unmistakable character catering for ever new taste experiences.

From January to December, we present to you a selection of our compositions with Lievito Madre in the form of 12 different types of baked goods – from the hand-plaited Striezel and the trendy Pumpkin Bread to the Grandi Lievitati such as Panettone and Colomba. On the IREKS social media platforms, the website and in our newsletter, every month, you can find out, in addition to the calendar, what the individual baked goods are all about, how you can vary them creatively and, above all, what the concrete benefits and effects of Lievito Madre are.

Be it summer or winter – add a typically Mediterranean character to your baked goods and be inspired by a wheat sourdough that can be used in a variety of ways. We present: Our MONDO LIEVITO MADRE!

October: Pumpkin Bread

September: Striezel

August: Durum Wheat Bread

July: Ciabatta

June: Croissant

May: Focaccia

April: Colomba

March: Pavé

February: Brioche

January: Ensaimada