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Colomba – A dove of peace for Easter

First of all: The Colomba is the classic Italian Easter piece of baked goods and thus, so to speak, the counterpart to the Panettone, which has its high season during Christmas time. Symbolically, the Colomba is baked in the shape of a dove of peace, using a special baking mould. The Colomba is traditionally given as an Easter present and eaten at picnics or for dessert – plain, with butter or jam.

Good to know: When processing, make sure that the dough is allowed to prove long enough. This is the way to make the Colomba light and airy, just as it’s supposed to be.

Keen to experiment: Instead of fruit, why not try your Colomba with chocolate filling for a change, it makes a good match as well!

MONDO LIEVITO MADRE inside: In the Colomba, our Lievito Madre provides for the typical fine stringiness of Mediterranean yeast-raised baked goods. It additionally produces a particularly airy and soft crumb.

Click here for the recipe. (PDF, 232 KB)

See in the video how the Colomba succeeds: