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Brioche – One dough, many options

First of all: Butter + egg = Brioche. Almost, anyway :) And Brioche comes in the most diverse varieties! It originally comes from France, where its existence has been documented since the 15th century. There, it is often enjoyed for breakfast or coffee.

Did you know...: ...that Brioche dough is used in the kitchen in completely different places as well? For example, it is perfect for “wrapping” stewed vegetables or crèmes.

Worth knowing: In Germany, Brioche is sometimes called “apostle cake”.

Keen to experiment: Additionally, Brioches are really good when filled – for example sweet with vanilla pudding or savoury with spinach and feta.

MONDO LIEVITO MADRE inside: In Brioches, our Lievito Madre caters for a particularly airy crumb and tender fluffiness. Offer your customers a piece of baked goods that tastes exactly as it should – simply authentic!

Click here for the recipe. (PDF, 274 KB)

In the video you can see how we make our brioches: