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Ensaimada – A snail from Mallorca

First of all: The Ensaimada is a Majorcan piece of baked goods first mentioned in 17th century documents. The Ensaimada was traditionally baked on festive occasions a long time ago. Over the years, it has become increasingly popular and today – although a speciality – it is internationally known.

Did you know...: ...that the Ensaimada is made in different ways? It is available plain, as in our recipe, or filled, often with what is known as cabell d’àngel (angel hair), a Spanish pumpkin jam. And it goes well with a hot chocolate in a mug.

This is how it’s done: On Mallorca, you don’t just bite into the Ensaimada. Rather, individual pieces are first broken off and then dipped in coffee.

Keen to experiment: For those who like it savoury, the Ensaimada is available with a filling of paprika spread, the sobrassada. The piece of baked goods, however, is mostly sweet anyway, because it is served with plenty of sugar.

MONDO LIEVITO MADRE inside: In the Ensaimada, our Lievito Madre leads to the typical fine stringiness of sweet yeast-raised baked goods and evokes taste memories for many. Moreover, it makes the Ensaimada particularly airy. Surprise your customers with this Majorcan-style piece of baked goods!

Click here for the recipe. (PDF, 498 KB)