Calendar 2023

Pavé – Ciabatta in French

First of all: Pavé is French and means paving stone. But the bread doesn’t borrow its name because it is so hard, but because the shape – depending on how precisely the pavé is processed – is more or less reminiscent of a paving stone.

Did you know...: ...that in France the term “Pavé” covers very different types of bread? They usually show an open-textured crumb and are therefore reminiscent of the Italian Ciabatta. In addition, the bread has a firm, rustic crust and usually – as does our Pavé – a pretty cut pattern on its back. Almost a decorative bread so to say :)

MONDO LIEVITO MADRE inside: In the Pavé, our Lievito Madre is particularly noticeable in its open-textured crumb and typical Mediterranean aroma. If you want to offer something new in your bread and roll product range, our French-style Pavé might be just the thing!

Click here for the recipe. (PDF, 224 KB)