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Focaccia – Anything goes

First of all: You are probably familiar with Focaccia – not least due to its close relationship to pizza. Coming from the Riviera, nowadays, there are variants all over Italy.

Did you know...: ...that the focaccia con formaggio from Recco in Liguria is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in May? On this occasion, the city’s bakeries distribute the cheesy flatbread free of charge for one day. The custom dates back to the 12th century – at that time, the farmers of the city had to retreat to the hinterland, where they had nothing but water, flour, oil and cheese.

This is how it's done: A classic Focaccia is topped with very simple ingredients such as olives, onions, potatoes or anchovies.

It's the season: Focaccia is particularly suitable for barbecues, because it goes well with grilled vegetables and halloumi as well as a juicy steak.

Keen to experiment: With Focaccia, there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to toppings. Surprise your customers with a sweet version with fresh fruit and chocolate, for example!

MONDO LIEVITO MADRE inside: In the Focaccia, the contained Lievito Madre caters for the thick base to remain nice and airy. It also creates an authentic Mediterranean baked goods character that is tastable.

Click here for the recipe. (PDF, 333 KB)

You would like to see how we make our Focaccia? Certainly: