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Artisan baking is... many things, but above all it is popular!

Artisan baking is by no means a phenomenon of yesterday! When end consumers stand in front of a well-stocked shelf of baked goods, their decision is often in favour of artisan products.

In Europe in particular, artisan production behind bread, rolls and the like is often a decisive factor in connection with a purchase decision. According to our consumer surveyIREKS 360° − exploring trends & values, artisan production is an important purchase criterion for over 65 % of European respondents. The topic of artisan baking is particularly significant in countries with a pronounced baking culture and a long tradition for special artisan baked goods – in Italy and France, closely followed by Portugal and Spain. For 80 % or more of end consumers in all four countries, artisan production plays a decisive role.

Yet artisan baking is a broad term that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. How do end consumers determine whether a piece of baked goods has an artisan character in their perspective? Is it the production, the place of sale, the orientation of the bakery or the recipes used? This is what we wanted to find out in a second step. The result: Apart from the criteria mentioned, it is above all the taste! More than 78 % of the people surveyed across Europe particularly appreciate the taste of artisan baked goods.

Baking according to traditional recipes also has an influence on the assessment of the artisan character of baked goods for more than 70 % of the participants. For about 68 %, artisan baked goods must come fresh from the oven at the point of sale. However, not only the point of sale, but also the size and location of a business play a role. Small, independently run places are associated with artisan baking by 68 % responding, with regional businesses it’s 66 %.

As different as the definition of artisan baking is for end consumers, as different and special are the bakeries themselves and their baked goods. IREKS has always considered itself a partner of the bakery trade, providing support with mixes and improvers as well as sourdoughs and malts, depending on individual requirements. Various services such as expert advice from our Field Staff, a variety of recipes, training courses and specialist publications as well as the range of services in our IREKS IQ area ensure the unique overall package that we offer our customers.

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