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Favourite Raw Material Spelt: Our Expertise in a Brochure

Our expertise in the topic of spelt as a raw material is made up of many different modules along our entire value added chain. The whole IREKS world of spelt is now available in a new, compact brochure!

From cooperation with our contract farmers and processing in our own hulling and milling facilities to our IREKS IQ and product expertise – our ”SPELT” brochure shows the specific benefits you can obtain from our expertise. As a small preview, you will find attached a journey through our value added chain – or you can download the whole brochure directly!


Contract Farming

For the cultivation of spelt, we rely on long-term partnerships with contract farmers from Lower and Upper Franconia via our own agricultural trade. The focus here: the quality of the grain! As the baking properties of spelt are strongly dependent on variety and growing area, IREKS accompanies the spelt right from the seed and, together with the partner businesses, selects the varieties to be grown.

Spelt Hulling

In order to prepare the spelt optimally and avoid contamination with other types of grain, we operate our own hulling plant, in which spelt and green spelt are hulled. The spelt goes directly from the field or from the company’s own warehouse to the hulling plant. There, the grain is cleaned and the husks are removed from the spelt grains.


Our grain is milled in the EICHENMÜHLE, the company’s own milling facility in Upper Franconia. Modern, separate milling facilities ensure that spelt and wheat are processed safely and without contamination. The resulting milling products are precisely tailored to the requirements of our products.

Quality & Innovation at every step

At IREKS, quality control extends from the growing itinerary to the testing of the final product. In order to assess quality and baking properties, the spelt is tested in our ultra trace analysis laboratory, which is unique in the industry. The tests concern for example pesticide residues and mycotoxins, the purity of the spelt is tested using digital PCR and we carry out baking tests to compare dough and baking properties.

Diversity of the IREKS world of spelt

The processed spelt grains and types of flour form the basis for the great variety of the IREKS world of spelt. In addition to being processed into baking malts, spelt is also refined into spelt or green spelt sourdough. Spelt is incorporated into the wide range of IREKS baking ingredients in its various processing forms as an aroma and flavouring agent. Our large, high-quality and safe product variety gives customer businesses the opportunity to find customised solutions and further develop their individual profile.