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LEMITEC: First year of baking technology successfully completed

In cooperation with IREKS, the Staatliche Fachschule für Lebensmitteltechnik (State College for Food Technology) in Kulmbach, LEMITEC for short, has been offering further training to interested students to become state-certified bakery technicians since the 2020/21 school year. The first year’s two students Johanna Jakob and Daniel Ohnemüller have now successfully completed the further training – master confectioner Johanna Jakob with top marks.

The content of the further training in baking technology focuses on work in medium-sized bakeries, which entail special requirements. The primary learning objective is to combine theory and practice in central subjects such as bakery and confectionery baked goods technology or food quality control.

The practical training took place at IREKS – for this we made our training bakeries and laboratory areas available. The Head of our Training Department Baking Academy, Heike Geringer, acted as instructor.

Johanna Jakob was not only part of the first year of further training in baking technology, but also completed it as the best of year and even best of school, with a grade of 1.05. In her speech of thanks during the certificate presentation, she complimented her specialist teachers for specialist practice and theory for their commitment and the work they have put into this new further training. She addressed a very special thank you to IREKS: “We had the training bakery and the laboratory area with the latest technology at our disposal there, so we could try things out, really get involved and exchange ideas with the whole team on site. It was definitely marvellous – it couldn’t have been any better!”.

Immediately after graduation, both Johanna Jakob and Daniel Ohnemüller were offered permanent positions, which once again underlines the value of this further training, especially in view of the shortage of skilled workers.

We are happy about the successful cooperation with LEMITEC and the great results of the first year!