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Study trip to IREKS: “Innovative Food” seminar group from the University of Bayreuth

What characterises innovative food? And how are such products developed in practice? A seminar group from the Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition and Health from the University of Bayreuth, accompanied by Prof Dr Susanne Baldermann and Prof Dr Frank Suhr, visited us in mid-May to discuss these topics and gain an insight into their implementation at IREKS.

After a brief introduction by our Director of Research and Development, Dr Thomas Kunte, product developer Anika Winkler explained the product development process at IREKS to the students of the “Innovative Food” seminar using the example of VEGRAIN, a product based on green spelt and oat flakes for the production of vegan snack products. Grain can be used as the basis for new creative food, especially as part of a vegan or vegetarian diet. With its enormous potential for innovation and as a genuine IREKS core competence, it was therefore a perfect example for the seminar.

Subsequently, the students were able to delve deeper into the practical side of things. In our sensory laboratory, they first tasted innovative bread with cereals of the future and then different variants of the VEGRAIN range and assessed which variant and presentation form has the best market opportunities. During a guided tour of the premises of the IREKS IQ Centre, the group also stopped off at the new IREKS Technical Centre to take a look at the wide range of development and testing options (e.g. fermentation, mashing or extrusion) for refining natural raw materials such as grain, pseudocereals or oilseeds.

Finally, the students were also given an insight into what happens after successful product development: the production of our baking ingredients and malts for brewing. Thank you for the visit and the exchange!