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OOO IREKS: Expansion and modernization of the installation technology

To continue to supply the Russian market with our quality products in the best way possible, the installation technology at our production site in Lyubertsy has been extended and modernized.

To realize this project, substantial reconstruction measures to the building were necessary, which were completed during ongoing operations. Due to the construction of two new external silos – and therefore the changeover from polypropylene packaging units to ensilaged goods in the case of wheat flour and rye flour – OOO IREKS has reached an important milestone. In this way, huge advantages have already resulted: production volumes and productivity have been able to be increased considerably, as, because of the disappearance of the manual addition of flour, the amount of work involved has clearly been reduced. The storage and removal from storage and the inevitable transport of the pallets between the warehouse and the production site also tied up valuable resources.

With the future firmly in sight, further investment measures are already being planned. Here, the observance of the corresponding certification standards, along with a continued increase in product diversity, is to the fore.