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IREKS trainees: Easter baking for the Geschwister-Gummi-Stiftung

What’s even more fun than baking? Giving away home-made baked goods! Our trainees took the occasion of Easter to give the children and young people of the Geschwister-Gummi-Stiftung (charitable foundation) in Kulmbach a sweet surprise.

It was off to the bakery on Maundy Thursday for some of our trainees. Under the guidance of our baker trainee and the IREKS Baking Academy team, they learned how to bake Easter bunnies and plaited Easter nests from confectionery yeast dough. Together, they produced about 160 pieces of baked goods and decorated and packaged them. All with the aim of giving the children and young people in the residential groups of the Geschwister-Gummi-Stiftung a delicious treat at Easter. The head of the department for family and education Edeltraut Dahlhoff and the director responsible for the children’s home Udo Dirks gladly accepted the nests and bunnies and thanked them on behalf of the children and young people, who are aged between 1 and 18 years, for the gifts. Our trainees were delighted to be able to help give other children and young people a wonderful Easter.