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Creating values

Quality, reliability, transparency, safety and benefits for our customers with every grain – that's what IREKS stands for! Join us on a journey along our value-added chain from grain to finished piece of baked goods and find out what we do to have as much as possible under our own control.

Grain cultivation

Grain is our most important basic raw material. That is why we leave nothing to chance when it comes to cultivation and processing. Via our own agricultural trade, we are involved in the value-added chain from the very beginning. In this way, we influence the quality of our baking ingredients and malts for brewing long before the complex manufacturing processes begin in our production plants. This allows us to take up individual customer wishes or trends. We rely on the long-standing cooperation with our regional contract farmers from northern Bavaria and Thuringia and operate numerous local receiving points.

Selection of varieties

Our team of experts provides support right from the selection of the grain variety, so that production meets regional requirements.

Regional recording

With many locations in Bavaria and Thuringia, we facilitate regional grain delivery very close to the agricultural businesses.

Grain recording

Upon delivery, we record the crop properly and carry out quality checks that determine the further path of the grain.

Optimum storage

At our locations, we store the grain according to variety under ideal conditions.

Safe transport

The transport of the grain from our receiving and storage locations to the production site is precisely controlled and documented.

Quality control

Before we process the grain in our production plants, once again, numerous analyses are carried out in the IREKS IQ Centre.

Grain processing

IREKS is a company that has been processing grain for more than 160 years and has built up a wealth of experience. It is our goal to constantly expand our grain expertise and to always be technically up to date. To ensure complete safety from field to finished product, IREKS invests in its own grain processing facilities. This enables us to avoid grain contamination, ensure perfect quality processing and adjust the properties of the grain raw materials to optimum baking characteristics for the subsequent products.


With our spelt hulling plant, we carry out the separation of spelt grain and husk in the region where our spelt is grown.


Wheat and spelt, which we purchase in homogeneous quality from our own agricultural trade, are milled into different types of high-quality flour in our own mill, the EICHENMÜHLE, in separate milling facilities.

Green spelt production

We use our inhouse production facilities to manufacture green spelt with its traditional aroma.

Raw material refinement & composition

To be able to offer our customers a diverse range of products leaving room for individuality and creativity, we refine grain products and other raw materials in a variety of ways. In doing so, IREKS relies on modern production technology and decades of experience in the manufacture of malt and sourdough products, which can be used independently or as ingredients for our mixes and improvers.

Quality and innovation standards

Every step of the IREKS value-added chain is accompanied by the most precise analyses and quality controls – from the recommendation for cultivation to the superior finished product. We use our many years of experience and cooperation with educational institutions to constantly improve our comprehensive in-house analysis, which includes laboratory as well as baking and sensory tests. When it comes to development, we focus on grain-based, IREKS-own raw materials such as malts and sourdoughs in order to constantly expand our range. Our quality and innovation standards are based on the five pillars of the IREKS IQ concept: research, development, food law, quality assurance and quality management.

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