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Malts for brewing

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Malt competence – since 1856

What does it take to produce excellent malt? Competence in the malting trade and the best grain. This is what IREKS has been relying on – for more than 160 years. As diverse as our malts are, so is our clientele. Large breweries and craft brewers all over the world use our base and speciality malts to brew unique beers.

Wealth of experience and innovative spirit

Our experience in the manufacture of malt dates back to our company founder Johann Peter Ruckdeschel, who established a commercial malthouse in 1856.

Today, we offer a wide range of base malts and speciality malts, such as our caramel and roasted malts, as well as our aroma and sour malt. This makes us one of the largest producers of speciality malts in the world. Our customers appreciate the variety of aroma and taste that allows them to create individual beers.

The best basis

Experience is one factor, however the quality of the grain is decisive, too. Via our own agricultural trade, we accompany grain cultivation from the very beginning and can thus influence the future properties of the malt at an early stage.

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Highest technology standards

In our malting plants in Germany and Austria, the grain is processed into malts for brewing according to the highest quality and technology standards. This is ensured by constant investments in technology and know-how.

By digitally monitoring and documenting all quality-relevant process data, we can specifically control the properties of our malt varieties. The result: high-quality, homogeneous malt qualities.

Safety in every grain

In our laboratories, we carry out numerous quality controls. We check the gushing effect of each batch produced by means of the modified Carlsberg test. Via protein gel electrophoresis, we check the purity of the variety on a random basis, the fingerprint of each individual grain variety, so to speak.

In addition, in our ultra trace analysis laboratory, we are able to detect the most minute amounts of undesired substances such as pesticides or heavy metals. In this way, we guarantee that only the best quality is used.

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