Confectionery baker arranging baked goods

Ingredients for confectionery baked goods & sweet products

Gateau being decorated with whipped cream through a piping bag

Your partner for enjoyment

You want to convince your customers with sweet enjoyment? We support you in realising your concept. Our wide-ranging expertise is based not only on the knowledge of IREKS, but also on the expertise of our subsidiaries DREIDOPPEL and LUMEN, who specialise in these areas. We combine this knowledge in our confectionery baked goods, confectionery and ice cream products, which are not only convincing in terms of taste, but also offer safety, flexibility and room for creativity.

Confectionery baked goods

Sweet baked goods cater for special moments of pleasure! On certain occasions, confectionery baked goods are in demand – for a little joy or a quiet moment in between, you can also have yeast baked goods, cakes and the like. That’s why we offer a wide range of products for artisan and industrial bakeries, confectioners, cafés and hotels, so that you can provide your customers with precisely these moments. Our product range includes ingredients for pound cake, plain cake, sponge cake batters and fillings, as well as for short pastry and yeast-raised baked goods, cream and fruit fillings. They are suitable for both efficient and individual production of baked goods.

Current trends and special needs can also be met with the help of our products.

Special product characteristics


Ensuring an excellent taste without compromising the volume of cream or other fillings – that is just one of many good reasons for using flavouring ingredients in confectionery or ice cream production. With confectionery pastes, flavourings and the like, you can harmoniously round off the taste nuances of your creations, convince with an authentic colouring and, in addition to the classic flavourings, also incorporate trends and extraordinary highlights of taste. For this purpose, we offer confectionery pastes or flavourings in liquid, spray-dried or powder form.

Ice cream

The perfect ice-cold refreshment can assume many a shape – whether as artisan milk ice cream or fruit ice cream, soft ice cream topped with various sauces, a creamy milkshake or colourful slush ice. Our product range, consisting of ice cream pastes and flips in numerous flavours, ice cream binding agents, Marmorias, toppings and other ice cream accessories, gives you plenty of scope to meet your customers’ wishes and expectations and simplifies your own work in the ice cream kitchen. Depending on location and target group, we offer successful concepts around our well-known brands such as GELATOP and LunaMil worldwide. In keeping with this, we provide support by advertising material, advice, seminars, an all-round service as well as high-quality soft ice cream machines that are used in highly frequented locations all over the world.