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Transparent baking ingredients production: STAMAG Stadlauer Malzfabrik GesmbH invests in the future

With the investment in the transparent baking ingredients production, our Austrian subsidiary has equipped itself for the future in order to be able to respond even better to special product requirements as well as individual customer wishes.

A high number of different recipes and increasingly demanding customer requirements led STAMAG’s production facilities, which went into operation over 40 years ago, being stretched to the limits of their capacity. With the investment in a state-of-the-art batch-oriented mixing installation, STAMAG will be able to ideally respond to special product requirements as well as individual customer wishes with comparatively small batch sizes in future.

“Similar to a small manufactory, tailor-made solutions can in this way be offered in a way precisely matching customer requirements.”, summarizes STAMAG Managing Director Michael Freudenthaler. “We are proud to strengthen the production site here in Vienna to this extend. Thanks to the unique conceptual orientation of the new high-end production, we are able to continue to meet the highest demands on product quality, such as batch retraceability the avoidance of cross-contamination and allergen management,” adds Stefan Kotynek, Distribution Manager for the baking ingredients division at STAMAG. “This allows us, as one of the most important malt and baking ingredients producers in Austria, to continuously expand our business and develop our product range.”

The transparent baking ingredients production was erected centrally on the STAMAG company premises in Vienna. It corresponds technologically to the high-tech baking ingredients production at the IREKS headquarters in Kulmbach and is based on the concept of a container mixing installation that has proven at IREKS for many years. In the southern area of the production site, raw material handling, raw material metering and blending, in the northern area, conditioning and bagging of the mixes take place. In addition to bagging stations for big bags and paper bags of 12.5 kg and 25 kg respectively, a new small packaging plant is put into operation.

An automatic warehouse was built adjacent to the production plant for storage and vertical transport of the batch containers. The horizontal transport of batch containers in the production areas is handled by two autonomous transport systems including five driverless transport vehicles. Not only customers in Austria benefit from the high product quality that can be realised through the new transparent baking ingredients production. It also offers advantages for the entire IREKS Group. In this way, for example, speciality products such as gluten-free, kosher and halal products can be relocated to Vienna, thus creating new capacities.