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Commitment to the future: IREKS DO BRASIL S.A. focuses on renewable energy

Recently commissioned solar plants guarantee IREKS DO BRASIL S.A. 100 % of the current energy demand at the location in Entre Rios – Guarapuava and thus provide for an important contribution to sustainability.

IREKS DO BRASIL S.A. sees itself as an innovative, modern company that is committed to the future. That is why our Brazilian subsidiary is not only focusing on renewable energy with the installation of solar systems at its location in Entre Rios – Guarapuava and thus takes the topic of sustainability very seriously, but is also a pioneer for this within our industry. The solar plant with 988 panels and 437 kWp capacity, installed above around 130 parking spaces and commissioned in the summer of 2021, enables IREKS DO BRASIL S.A. to achieve 100 % autonomy of its current energy needs.

IREKS DO BRASIL S.A. is convinced that the switch to renewable energy contributes positively to the preservation of the environment and thus represents an important sustainability aspect.