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Focus on quality: Research & development days for employees

Whether for familiarisation, to refresh existing knowledge or to get to know the new IREKS Technical Centre: as part of the R&D Insights Days, employees from different departments had the opportunity to learn more about the world of the IREKS IQ Centre.

Enzymes are found everywhere in nature and make life possible – but how do they work in baking? What exactly is behind the fields of flour analysis and microbiology? And what is the task of a sensory panel? Employees got answers to these and many other questions last week at the IREKS IQ Centre at the company headquarters in Kulmbach.

For four days, everything revolved around the many different measures, analyses, equipment and processes that are elementary for the safety and the high degree of innovation of our products. With the help of lectures, demonstrations and guided tours, the experts from the various specialist areas gave them an insight into how products are developed at IREKS – from raw materials to baked goods – what makes a good product and what requirements apply under food law. Our trace analysis laboratory, the only one of its kind in the industry, and our new Research Technical Centre, where we will be carrying out tests on the production of malt and extruded products in the future, were also on the agenda.

In addition to a lot of theory and detailed tours, the participants were allowed to get hands-on. For example, they had to “get to the pipettes” to determine the phosphate content of a sample with the help of the UV/VIS spectrometer. And in flour analysis, too, the participants were able to get to know instruments such as the amylogram, farinogram, extensogram and the like in practical experiments. The colleagues certainly took away a lot from these training days that is relevant for their daily work.